Gamma-Xi 2020 Pledge Class and New Officers


Gamma-Xi 2020 Pledge Class

Row 2: Davis Smith, Gavin Wagner, Talmage Preyer, Nate Swift, Liam Pulford, Jake Mascotte, Cam Brickley, Andrew Fluri, Jack Buldger, Scott Okel

Row 1: Jack Duane, Henry Schwartz, Bobby Krumme, Charlie Glennon, Ethan Miracle, Charlie Cohen

Cameron Brickley Economics Denver CO
John (Jack) Bulger maybe Economics Mill Valley CA
Charles (Charlie) Cowen Psychology Charlottsville VA
John (Jack) Duane Financial Economics New Canaan CT
Andrew Fluri undecided Westminster IL
Antonio Fulciniti   Pittsburgh PA
Charles (Charlie) Glennon Global Commerce New Rochelle NY
Robert (Bobby) Krumme  III undecided Pelham NY
Jake Mascotte Biology Charlottsville VA
Ethan Miracle Health & Exercise Edwardsville IL
Charles (Scott) Okel Global Commerce Charlotte NC
Allan (Talmage) Preyer Economics Chapel Hill NC
Liam Pulford undecided Pittsburgh PA
Henry Schwartz Communication Westfield NJ
Davis Smith Financial Economics Charlestown WV
Nathan Swift Global Commerce Chicago IL
Gavin Wagner History Jamestown RI

Gamma-Xi 2020 Executive Committee

Left to right: Jack Pulford GT, Jack McPherson GP, Zach Sippel GM, Andrew Smith GMC, Chase Summers GS

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