Congratulations to the 2020 Kappa Sigma at Denison Endowment Award Winners

The Gamma-Xi House Corporation and Alumni Board congratulates this year’s 2020 Endowment Award Winners.

The awards are given to brothers that are on financial aid with the university and show leadership and involvement within the chapter and on campus.  This year, awards totaled $12,600 which are administered by the university to pay tuition or student loans.

This is the 6th year that awards have been made.  Over the six years, 21 individuals have received a total of $67,800.

The Fund was seeded from Board savings and has been added to through alumni donations.  The total fund market value as of 6/30/20 is $251,668.

The 2020 recipients are as follows:

Calvin Riley is a Junior Global Commerce and Anthropology/Sociology major from Grosse Pointe, MI who ran varsity Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track, has served as the IFC rep and is the current PR Chair for the chapter.
Ollie Manlove is a Junior Global Commerce and History major from Barrington, RI who plays and referees IM sports, is Assist. Manager of Field Hockey team and former house Social Chair.  
Enrique Rodriguez is a Senior Health, Exercise and Sports Studies major from Hudson, OH who has played both varsity Football and Lacrosse and a recent Conclave delegate.
Jack Pulford is a Senior Biology major from Pittsburgh, PA who plays club soccer, is the men’s varsity Soccer Manager and house Social Chair.
Dan Milhollen is a Senior from Foxborough, Mass, he is a captain on the Varsity Soccer team and the current philanthropy chair for the chapter.
Liam Pulford is a Sophomore Anthropology Major from Pittsburgh, PA and a member of the Varsity Soccer Team.

Donate to the Kappa Sigma at Denison University Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Over Six years year ago, the Gamma-Xi House Corporation and Alumni Association Board in partnership with Denison University created the Kappa Sigma at Denison University Endowed Scholarship Fund.

This is a special fund which provides grants to members of the Gamma-Xi chapter who receive financial aid from Denison and who are deemed exceptional in their contribution to the chapter exemplified by the four pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.  

The current fund is part of the overall Denison Endowment fund and is invested and managed by Denison although exclusively used only for Kappa Sigma Members.  As part of the DU fund, donations are tax deductible.

Yearly earnings are used to provide grants to qualifying members

The Board encourages and invites all alumni and friends to contribute to this worthy effort.  

Make your check out to Dension University and write a note on the check or attach a note to earmark the donation to The Kappa Sigma at Denison University Endowed Scholarship Fund.  It’s as simple as that.

You can mail your check as a response to Denison’s Fund raising request or address separately to;

Denison University
P.O. Box 716
Granville, OH 43023


Questions can be addressed to Maureen Severson, Office of Stewardship, 740-587-6286 or 877-336-8648 or David Horning, Alumni Board President at [email protected]