Gamma-Xi Loses Another Brother

Paul Goodridge- Class of 1950

Sadly, Gamma-Xi has lost another brother that dedicated so much of his life, over 35 years, to the active chapter and to the Gamma-Xi Board.  As a long time resident of Granville, he was one of the local alumni that was involved with the chapter as an alumni advisor and great friend.  Paul started a three-person alumni inspection group in the 90’s that traveled down fraternity row once a week to inspect each chapter’s housekeeping efforts, to improve the image and standards of all fraternities. 

Many brothers will remember camping out in the woods on his seven-acre property at the edge of town. I will always remember him for his sunny disposition, his great kindness, and limitless generosity.  It always warms my heart just to picture him with his smile and his simple greeting “Well Hi”.  As another local, I appreciated Paul’s help over the years in maintaining the house and managing many house projects.  Paul lived the values of Kappa Sigma and Inspired all those that knew him to do the same.

The Gamma-xi Board and many alumni will always be grateful for his service and company over the years. He will always live in our memories. His obituary can be found by clicking HERE

Dave Horning ‘72

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