Brother Bren ’52 passes into Chapter Eternal

I first met Don as the Chapter GM in 1971 at one of the yearly Board meetings for which all past presidents are familiar. It can easily be said that Don was the most demanding of the Board members.  He was also one of the most critical, especially of sticky floors. But he was always tremendously supportive of the good that he saw and would defend the chapter against all outsiders – including the University. He fought vociferously to keep the House residential in ’95 and to get our charter back in 2009.  He was also quick to share his sense of humor with a joke or demonstrate how to properly sing a Kappa Sigma song.

Don came to our last Board meeting in October. He was frail of body from his lung cancer, but strong of spirit. He was a warrior returning one last time to convey his love for the Board and for the Chapter that was at the center of his heart. We on the Board were all grateful for his appearance. We will all miss Don at future meetings but will never forget him.


David Horning


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